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Learning to study is one of the most important things a student can learn in school. This involves executive functioning skills, organizational skills, time management skills, active reading, listening and note-taking skills.

GAMECHANGER connects students to dedicated, seasoned study skills tutors who will target their strengths and weaknesses to help them learn to study. These tutors help students who struggle in all subject areas or one specific subject. They work with students who are stressed, over-scheduled, overwhelmed, disorganized, procrastinators, struggle to pay attention, have learning challenges, high achievers, or average students trying to advance their academic performances. 

GAMECHANGER connects students to tutors who will create personalized programs for each student to:

  • Teach effective note-taking skills
  • Teach active reading and listening skills
  • Help with time management skills for everything from everyday homework assignments to larger class projects
  • Teach organizational skills
  • Teach skills to make studying for large and small exams more impactful and efficient
  • Teach executive functioning skills

GAMECHANGER knows that students who learn how to learn will have greater confidence as well as the ability to comprehend a wider range of academic content. We connect students to tutors who will invest in their long term success. 

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