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Pre-K is a time of significant growth and major developmental milestones for young children. These first-time students are encountering new people, new environments, new schedules, and new learning expectations. Let GAMECHANGER take the fear and anxiety out of these unfamiliar situations.

GAMECHANGER’s Pre-K program is diverse and flexible, designed to foster our littlest students’ skills and help them to become confident, independent kindergarten students. GAMECHANGER connects students to tutors who work with them, in person, one-on-one. These tutors will help children with basic skills, like writing letters and their names, identifying letters, numbers, colors, and animals, and drawing a self-portrait. Building their memory, motor, and cognitive stamina through engaging, hands-on activities, students will feel better about going to school. 

GAMECHANGER’s Pre-K program is responsive to students’ needs and interests. If a student is ready to start sounding out words, GAMECHANGER tutors will work to build that skill set. If a student is struggling with writing letters, GAMECHANGER tutors will teach letter-writing strategies. 

GAMECHANGER connects students to seasoned, passionate, encouraging Pre-K tutors who help build students’ confidence, foster basic skills, encourage social/emotional development, and make sure that they are kindergarten ready.

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