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Learning history requires several different skill sets. Students must have strong memorization skills, solid reading comprehension skills, an ability to connect events, analytical skills,  and strong writing skills. With so much involved, understanding historical information can be complicated and can become overwhelming for many students. 

In person or online, one-on-one history tutoring strengthens skills and boosts a student’s confidence at any level. 

GAMECHANGER connects students to tutors who will target their areas of strength and weakness and will develop customized programs designed to accommodate each individual student’s needs.  

GAMECHANGER’s enthusiastic, passionate tutors have years of experience and are fluent in all historical subjects, from global history to American history to more specialized college level history courses.

GAMECHANGER history tutors help students with:

  • Middle school history
  • Global History
  • World History
  • European History
  • American History 
  • Constitutional History
  • Economics
  • Current events 
  • All AP/IB/Honors and college history courses
  • Comprehending historical texts and information
  • Reviewing notes for accuracy
  • Memorizing facts, dates, timelines, and sequence of events
  • Formulating DBQs, essays, research papers, and reports
  • Creating meaningful history projects

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