GAMECHANGER is dedicated to supporting the well-rounded child. This means that we want to help students foster interests outside of the classroom. Academics are important, but so are other interests. GAMECHANGER works with a team of music and art specialists who do everything from introducing students to new interests to helping them to perfect and achieve musically and artistically.



Whether students want to start learning piano, guitar, flute, saxophone, or any new instrument or they want to prepare for concerts and NYSSMA competitions, GAMECHANGER has the patient, seasoned, talented music teachers who will support them. 

Our music specialists work with students from pre-k through post-college, helping them through all stages of their musical development. 

GAMECHANGER connects students to in person or online music specialists who teach a variety of instruments including, flute, guitar, piano, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, drums, clarinet, voice, violin, and even ukulele.


Do you have a preschool or elementary school child who is an aspiring artist or is your high school student putting together a portfolio to be included in his/her college application? Either way, GAMECHANGER can connect you to a talented art teacher who can work with your student – in person or online. 

GAMECHANGER connects students to art specialists who teach children from pre-k through post-college. 

GAMECHANGER art specialists work in every medium, from pencil to oils to photography. They have worked with preschoolers, helping them to develop a love for and understanding of art. They have years of experience teaching the essential skills that artists need to be successful. And, they have significant experience working with talented art students and artists to help them compile professional portfolios and pursue their passion. 

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