4 Fun Holiday Math Lessons

‘Tis the season for making math fun. In the midst of holiday festivities, students can practice their math skills. As students incorporate math into their everyday routines, they understand the importance of learning math….

Parenting Advice: A Letter to Younger Moms from an Older Mom

Now that I’m on that other side of parenting (meaning my three sons are mostly grown and I’m no longer in the trenches), I’ve had some time to reflect. When I say reflect, I mean think about things I think I got right and things about which I was off base. There are things I wish I had known–

7 Essential, Life-changing Executive Functioning Skills

Executive functioning skills help students of all ages and all academic levels to manage an array of skills, including paying attention, self-control, impulse control, organizational skills, time-management skills, memory and recall skills, and the ability to be flexible.

12 Essential Life Skills for Teens

Life skills for teens help to foster social and emotional skills, providing teenagers with practical applications and the ability to learn to be responsible adults.

6 Ways to Maximize Positive Student Engagement in Hybrid Learning Environments

student doing online learning

Hybrid learning environments require students to bounce between in person learning and online learning. Blending classroom and online methodology, hybrid learning is relatively new to elementary, middle, and high school students. In the hybrid classroom, all students are working on the same activities, whether via Zoom or Google hangouts. Students respond to discussion prompts in […]

Now is the Time to Pursue your Passions.

Figuring out what students want to do with their lives can be challenging. Take some time to reflect on academic and non-academic interests and discover your passions.