Now is the Time to Pursue your Passions.

Figuring out what students want to do with their lives can be challenging. Take some time to reflect on academic and non-academic interests and discover your passions.

Re-Defining Summer Camp in 2020

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One by one, summer camps are closing. These summer camps are, appropriately, taking the cautious route as camp does not facilitate “social distancing” and the fear of Coronavirus still looms. But that doesn’t mean that the kids, or the parents, are happy about it. Left with a “social distancing” summer, parents are struggling to find […]

Tips to Maximize Online Learning

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With the COVID-19 pandemic, learning is fully remote and classrooms are now video conferences, students need to learn a new set of skills in addition to the material learned in class.

Learning In The Time Of COVID-19

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As a society, we have learned many things about learning during the current pandemic. Some of it will be disregarded as soon as we go back to life as usual. But many of the lessons that we learned will go with us, guiding us as we move forward and showing us what we can do […]

Crowd-Sourcing College Questions: When You Shouldn’t Turn To Social Media

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Facebook has evolved. Originally a great way to keep in-touch with family and friends, today it’s a source of news, advertisements and information. Admit it; you’re likely a member of at least one Facebook group that provides advice and counsel on college planning.   When used appropriately, these groups are incredibly valuable. You can get recommendations […]