5 Key Strategies to Becoming a Successful Math Student

It is vital for students to pace themselves when learning math, as mathematical concepts build on each other. By the time students reach Algebra 1, they must have mastered all basic mathematical concepts. Students must make sure that they master Algebra 1 before moving ahead to Geometry and Algebra 2, as even the most advanced math classes, like Calculus, involve one complicated step followed by a series of steps of basic algebra. 

5 Strategies to Manage Stress While Studying for High School Final Exams

Studying for final exams means more than ensuring that you retain the curriculum and concepts taught. Studying is a process that involves strong organizational skills, attention skills, and time management skills. Mastering all of these skill sets puts high school students in the best possible position to manage stress and confidently walk into final exams.

Tell Me Why: How to Write WHY College Essays in 5 Essential Steps

The most effective “Why Us?” essays add context to a student’s personality, in addition to demonstrating a sincere and well-thought out interest in a college or university. Research and preparation are key to writing essays that shine, so do not wait until the last minute. 

4 Things to Consider as Students Look for the Right Fit College

Research is essential to finding that right fit college. This process includes taking virtual tours of schools, signing up for information sessions, digging into schools’ websites to find out more about opportunities inside and outside of the classroom, and, when possible, visiting a range of schools.

6 Ways for Students to Overcome Stress and Anxiety

No matter how hard we try, stress is part of everyday life. Stress can manifest itself in many different ways, like when your elementary school student says that he or she is sick and does not want to go to school or when your high school student can’t focus on his or her schoolwork or struggles to sleep at night. Anxiety is often caused by increased social and academic expectations, overscheduling, less downtime and family together-time, as well as internal expectations that each student sets for him or herself. 

6 Ways to Strengthen the Memory Muscle

Like every other muscle in the human body, the brain needs regular exercise. While sharpening the memory is a complex process that requires practice, attention, a willingness to isolate from distractions, and drastically altering normal study routines, there are numerous strategies that can help maximize memory skills.

To improve memory, enhance the ability to recall information, and increase the retention of information, try the following 7 exercises.

5 Ways to Encourage Children to Follow the Science

We are frequently told to “follow the science” in many situations, from healthcare to environmental issues. But to teach our children to trust the science, we must teach them to understand and appreciate science.

School’s Out for Summer: 5 Important Reasons to Read This Summer

This summer, as children unwind from a stressful school year, encourage them to pick up those books and read. Encourage children to make reading part of their routine rather than a school assignment. Encourage them to immerse themselves in their imagination, different perspectives, and diverse worlds.

7 Ways to Positively Encourage Curiosity and Wonder in Children

Happy kid giving thumbs up due to game changer tutoring

Learning should not be something children only do for eight or nine months a year. Learning should be a constant, lifelong process. It should evoke feelings of curiosity, wonder, and awe, encouraging children to seek out new experiences and opportunities to learn.  Here are 7 ways to encourage children’s curiosity and wonder.  Encourage children to […]

5 Ways to Encourage Students to Learn to Love to Learn

No matter what type of learner you are, no matter what the environment in which you were learning, this past year was a challenge for everyone. This includes students, teachers, and parents. Going forward cannot be a catch up race. We must foster a positive learning environment, an environment in which students learn to love learning, a supportive learning environment. Ultimately, this will help students make greater strides going forward.